appreciate brown eyes more bc the people with brown eyes are grown up forcing to believe fuckin blue and green and grey are beautiful and either detest or get incredibly happy when someone compliments their eye color stop letting this happen

there are people with brown eyes reblogging this and theyre talking about still being sad with their eye color and this is exactly why we need hype about brown eyes











I Promise I’m Not a Murderer: The Story of a Researching Writer

now with a sequel:

I Swear I’m Not Pregnant, I’m Just Naming Characters

Don’t forget: I’m not Trying to Break Into This Building, I Just Need to Know the Layout of it

And the ever appealling: I’m Not Planning on Killing Myself, I Just Need to Know How a Character Could Commit Suicide Whilst Making it Look Like a Murder

I recommend

I’m Not a Terrorist, I Just Need to Know How a Criminal Mastermind Would Properly Construct a Bomb

And my personal favourite

I Swear I’m Not Sick I Just Like Making Characters Suffer By Giving Them Deadly Diseases

And keep in mind:

I Am Not Looking to Buy a Firearm Myself, Just Want to Know How One Could Go About Obtaining One

And of course

I’m not a stalker I just am planning a surprise party for you so I need to know where your house is and which room is yours


I’m Not On Drugs I Don’t Know Someone On Drugs And I’m Not Looking To Buy Some I Just Need To Know How Someone Would Go About Getting Them And What The Effects Would Be

And another:

I Am Not Converting to Satanism I’m Just Researching These Rituals and Mythologies For Writing Purposes

The second and last ones are especially true for me.

(Source: dumbfuckingnerds)

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